Piggyback Second Lien Program

Lower Down Payments without Mortgage Insurance

Serve borrowers who want to put less than 20% down on their property and not pay mortgage insurance with the Piggyback Second Lien. Paired with Change’s Community Mortgage or Investor first mortgage, this fixed-rate, 30-year-term loan offers quick qualifying based on common-sense underwriting and reduces the equity out of pocket that the borrower must use for their primary residence, second home, or investment property purchase.

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  • Second loans up to $500K
  • CLTV up to 85%
  • Debt-to-Income not calculated
  • Qualify based on LTV, FICO, and reserves
  • Income documentation not required
  • Income not stated
  • Second loan must close at the same time the first loan is closed with Change Wholesale
  • Interest-only for the first 10 years; fully amortized over remaining 20 years
  • FICO beginning at 680

The Piggyback Second Lien is ideal for borrowers securing a first lien with the Community Mortgage or Investor program who want to qualify using LTV, FICO, and reserves, preserve equity, or pay a lower down payment (but not have to pay for mortgage insurance) on their property purchase.