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Less hassle.
More closings.

Our range of prime mortgage products are as diverse as the borrowers you serve. This helps you close more loans than your competitors. Our loans have no overlays and no headaches caused by the stuff that makes your underwriter feel good, but just isn’t necessary. Closing more loans means making more money and financing more dreams. That’s the Change Wholesale advantage.

Certified as CDFI by the U.S. Department of Treasury in 2018

Investment Grade Credit Rating
Approved Seller / Servicer

Close Prime Loans Your Competitors Can’t

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Home of the Community Mortgage

Change Wholesale is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Our regulatory certification enables us to serve prime, creditworthy borrowers who struggle with burdensome documentation requirements. We are able to create proprietary products, including our groundbreaking Community Mortgage, which allows you to serve a wider range of customers and enables you to close more loans.

We make it easy to boost your business

There are no overlays of any kind and no headaches caused by the stuff that makes your underwriter feel good but just isn’t necessary. The bottom line: you’ll close more loans, faster.

The Industry’s Most Innovative Product

The only owner-occupied loan that doesn’t require income or employment documentation from the borrower to qualify.

The Community Mortgage program fills the void and addresses the regulatory rules limiting prime borrowers’ access to lending by eliminating complex underwriting rules and burdensome paperwork that make underwriters feel good but just aren’t necessary.

Change Wholesale’s well established underwriting criteria identifies prime borrowers by using traditional credit underwriting founded on the 5 “C”s of credit: character, capacity, capital, covenants, and collateral. This enables Change to approve creditworthy borrowers without collecting certain documents non-CDFI lenders such as banks require relating to income and employment. As a CDFI, we enable non-traditional prime borrowers impacted by structural economic inequality to achieve homeownership, fairly and responsibly.

Close More

By partnering with Change Wholesale, originators will be able to grow their business by expanding their ability to serve borrowers who qualify for prime mortgages without income or employment documentation.

Community Mortgage

  • LTV, FICO, and Reserves required
  • Income or employment documentation not required from the borrower.

Portfolio Mortgages

  • Alternative Document
  • Foreign National
  • Investor / DSCR
  • Prime Plus

Agency & Government

  • No Overlays
  • Direct Seller / Servicer

Close Faster

Change Wholesale eliminates complex bank requirements to deliver unrivaled speed and simplicity, so originators get results fast to grow their business and serve more borrowers. With our innovative, market-leading Community Mortgage, qualifying happens in three simple steps:

“Closed my first Community Mortgage for a valued client. Process was smooth and easy. Excited to share this with more clients as a path to homeownership!

The Change team is incredible to work with.”

Deborah Stark

The Lender

The Ideal Solution for Borrowers Unable to Meet Burdensome Documentation Requirements

  • Self-Employed / Small Business Owner
  • Volatile or Irregular Employment
  • Retired
  • Seasonal & Gig Workers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Owners & Employees of Cash Businesses
  • Change of Industry or Type of Employment
  • Transitioning from Recent Health, Family, or Other Life Events
  • Looking to Unlock Trapped Home Equity
  • Recent Immigrant


To Finance America’s Diverse Homeowners, Fairly and Responsibly

Homeownership is core to the American Dream, the cornerstone of wealth creation, a solution to the cycle of poverty, and a stabilizing force for working families. Our role as trusted advisors and passionate advocates is to help unserved families and communities to achieve homeownership fairly and responsibly.

We are focused on expanding banking and lending services throughout America to level the playing field Black, Latino, low- to moderate-income, and other underbanked borrowers and communities.

We believe homeownership helps to eliminate social and racial inequities, close the wealth gap, and empower all Americans to pursue their dreams.

Made possible by our strategic partners

Expanding homeownership to underbanked prime borrowers