Foreign National Program

No credit score or trade line requirements

Foreign Nationals may not be able to qualify for financing with traditional requirements. Change Wholesale has simplified the loan process and requirements through its common sense underwriting approach. While borrowers under traditional requirement must document their assets, traditional credit trade lines and credit scores, Change’s loan program has reduced requirements and credit scores are not required. Alternative income qualifying methods such as Debt Service Coverage is available, with loan-to-value ratios up to 70% and loan amounts as high as $2.5 million.

  • No Credit Score or Trade Line Required
  • Qualify as DSCR > 100 or No Ratio
  • LTVs Up to 70% Purchase or Rate & Term Refinance Only
  • Investment Opportunity Only
  • Interest-Only Option (Not Available in Texas)
  • Loan Amount Up to $2.5 Million
  • Up to 10 Financed Properties
  • Minimum 12 Months Reserves Required

Non-U.S.-citizen borrowers who want to purchase a second home or investment property.

This program serves non-resident aliens who holds a visa for temporary residency, not Non-Permanent Resident Alien status.