We are proud to introduce our new broker website, CLOSR.

All new file submissions now go through CLOSR.  TPO Connect loans that have moved to Underwriting will be available in CLOSR. Any remaining open files will be available in TPO Connect until the file is either dead or moved to Underwriting.

We have been working hard to create easy-to-use system integrations featuring faster product and pricing engines so you can find the right loan products with unrivaled speed and simplicity.

Please complete next steps below. Contact your Account Executive with any questions.


All active TPO Connect users will automatically have accounts in CLOSR. Those that have not yet activated their accounts, should have received an updated email the week of 7/19. If you need help obtaining your credentials please reach out to your Broker Admin or Account Executive to have credentials re-issued. Those who have not attended training, please do so at your earliest opportunity! It’s a short, 40-minute session that is sure to set you up for success and will provide an understanding of the new workflow and system functionality.