Broker Approval

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Minimum Requirements (includes but not limited to)

  1. Completed online Broker application with Comergence.
  2. Prospective brokers must have a minimum net worth of $25,000 or per state guidelines.
  3. Have been in business for at least 2 years or at least one of the Principals of the company has been in the industry for 2 years
  4. Resumes of all principals and key employees
  5. Current YTD Financials, P & L and Cash Balance Sheet – dated within 90 days of application. Brokers with a net worth of less than $100,000.00, or without a current P&L, or incorporated in 2021, need to remit a recent corporate bank statement to validate the balance sheet.
  6. Current YTD Financials, Resume, W-9, and etc.

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