Statement Relating to Lawsuit Against Adam Levine

October 18, 2023

Originally published by The Change Company

The Change Company filed a lawsuit today against its former employee Adam Levine. The complaint is attached here.

The lawsuit alleges that Levine committed fraud, intentional interference with contractual relations, and breach of contract to advance his scheme to extort Change and its principals for over $10 million.

Levine threated to make public his false allegations of wrongdoing against Change to media outlets, business partners, and the government if Change refused to pay his financial demands. Levine has even threated independent members of the Change’s Board and Advisory Board by making false allegations against Board members to their employers and by making threats relating to their families and personal lives.

The complaint discloses that third party investigators and TCC’s internal auditor have found that documents Levine has been using to further his extortion have been determined to be misleading and inaccurate.

Levine has a history of engaging in threats of extortion against his employers in response to poor performance reviews.  In fact, Levine was sued by TPG for a similar scheme in 2015 (see article here) after TPG provided him a poor performance review.  In that matter, a federal judge permanently enjoined Levine from possessing TPG’s confidential information, required Levine to return all information he stole from TPG, and to cause all third parties to destroy all confidential TPG documents Levine shared with them (see order here).

See LAW360 story on the matter here.

For more information relating to Levine, please see The Change Company’s Statement Regarding the Arrest of Adam Levine for Impersonating a Police Officer here.